Monday, July 10, 2006

Orvil Had Died, Orvil (was found in the garage), Orvil Will Come Again

Eons ago, in a time when history and mythology were still united, Orvil the Orange walked among the teenagers of Forest Lawn. As with many of us who walked among the teenagers of this great 'hood, he met an untimely and violent demise (Actually he was just lost in a box in my garage; which makes me wonder if all my old youth group kids are also in a box somewhere in my garage?)

Orvil was the mascot for a weekly video I worked on as a part of the youth program when I worked at St. Luke's Anglican Church many years ago. Over the past week, Stacey's been working on a "proof of concept" claymation video for some youth-oriented promotional material to be used for a big youth outreach in Victoria, BC. She'd initially asked if I could find Orvil or some old Orvil footage, so she could use that to get the ideas flowing. I failed to find Orvil or any footage in time for her project, but luckily was able to find him in time to make a completely pointless claymation video for no good reason ('Cuz you know, after work, business, a day full of toddlerX2 and the rest of life, I have so much free time I'd just stare at the walls if it weren't for projects like this).

PS: Re-animating Orvil's little corpse made me feel really old, because the last time I put the paddles on him it was with a very expensive, cutting-edge Pentium 110mhz abacus ... Err, I mean computer. The encoding process alone took 8 hours (I'm not joking)! Making this new idiocy took just under an hour from deciding to do it to emailing it to Stacey.


Anonymous said...

You've got spunk Orvil. I like spunk. You're hired!

Billy Graham

Rob Scott said...

Nice try, but everybody knows Billy Graham always signs his online correspondence with "fight the power ... booya!"

Orvil said...

Whadduya mean that ain't Billy writin'. You lock me in a tuperware prison for ten years and now you're tryin' to crush my dreams?! I've had it man ... I'm outa here. Me and Billy are gonna hit the road together. He said he loves me! He loves me baby! I got spunk (That's like havin' Kahoona or big 'nads right? Spunk is good right ... Billy's not jus' playin' with me is he?)

But I digress.
I'm gone baby. Billy 'n' forever! We gonna drop it Thelma and Louise style ('cept without the car-over-the-canyon thing, 'n' one of us is an old dude 'n' the other is a fruit).

But still ... Thelma 'n' Louise baby! In yer face! (I think Billy should be Thelma, but I'm not sure ... whaddayu think? I don't want to get all dogmatic on a guy like Billy. I could be Thelma. Was Thelma a fat-chick? I'd make a better fat-chick than Billy. I don't know man. Maybe we should go all Barnum 'n' Bailey instead?)

Does anyone have any mints? My breath's a little think after 10 years. (What was I talkin' about anyway?)

Oh, Yah ... Fight the Power! Booya! Billy 'n' Orvil forever baby!

- Orvil
(AKA: Louise ... or maybe Thelma ... I'll get back to yah).

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to me.
We can definitely hit the road together. Check out my website:

We'll have LOTS of fun!!

Booya "Thelma"

Nicole said...

I love you Orvil!! Come with me to S.A.!!!

Orvil said...

What are you drinkin' in dat picture? You're sick! Are you wooing me so you can just juice me?

I'm callin' the fuzz ... You better flee to Africa quick girlie cuz justice done gonna come down hard on orangacidal maniacs.

Of course if you were to become a meatatarian and get good 'n' jaundiced to get a nice orange tone to your skin, I might be able to summon up a little sunkiss for you.

"I don't think your ready for this marmalade cuz my body's too Orvalicious for ya babe."

Orvil said...

Yo Billy G Superstar,
Check this out o veinous one:

Way to pump up the BGEA muscle man.

Nicole said...

Ahhh....Orvil....I'm always falling' for the wrong guys, er...fruits...sigh....interesting pic of Jesus btw