Sunday, May 31, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Literal Version

Total Eclipse of the Heart with lyrics that literally describe what's going on in the video:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Games & Narrative

I'm not a gamer; or, more precisely, I'm only a casual gamer. Puzzles are great, but I prefer my adventures delivered in narrative forms: books, short stories, graphic novels, moving pictures and the stage plays my children spontaneously create in the living room.

Despite my non-gamer-ness, I downloaded a free demo of a game called Braid. I downloaded it because it's received some significant praise, it's creators are independants, not feeding into a corporate machine, and it's re-inventive. Essentially, it takes the puzzle-filled, casual-gamer-grabbing powers of Super Mario Brothers and immerses them in a deeper, painted, gentle, narrative universe.

The video doesn't do it justice ... but, as I said the demo's free, so you can try it for yourself

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Train Nine Year Old

Emily and Kaylee have been singing Crazy Train since they were two years old. I thought that was kind of unique, but apparently this is something of a childhood anthem. On several occasions, guests in our home have asked Kaylee and Emily who their favourite musician is. I'll never get enough of the horrified looks on the questioners faces when my sweet little girls holler "Ozzy!" at the top of their lungs.

A Curveball in Your Brain.

This is an amazing, interactive optical illusion that illustrates how a curveball fools a batter.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Pirates and Patriots for Jesus?!

I'm starting to wonder if AmeriChristianity is some narcotic-induced, collective consciousness trip. It can't be real. This is amazingly, insanely disturbing-funny-weird:

Witness Uncle-Sam-For-Jesus pay tribute to his deceased pal Captian-Hook-For-Jesus. Cuz you know, between raping, pilaging and murdering, everyone knows pirates had revival meetings:

When I think of the mystical man who claimed to be God, living amid the poor, confounding the religious elite, the first metaphor that comes to mind is "That's just like pirates! And nationalist, military-recruitment personalities!

If you're strong (or crazy) enough to press through to the middle of this seemingly endless clip, you might hear reference to the "confession canon (please, don't blow my head off - I'll convert!) and "believing bear" (Oh, the sweet, sweet joy of being mauled by a wild animal with Jesus in his heart).

PS: The horrific content above is all ripped from - credit is due for the intrepid bad-music hunting done on this blog.