Sunday, March 04, 2007


Stacey and I just got back from an overnight stay at the Kananaskis Lodge to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We splurged and booked a ski package with a day of lift tickets and a hot tub in our room. When we arrived, we discovered that because of a big conference, they bumped us from our room!

They bumped us up about 5 room levels (gratis) to a hostility (err ... hospitality) suite! It was ... and I'm not exaggerating ... the same size as our home in Calgary! We had a fireplace, living room area, separate TV area, a hot tub, a shower, a second bathroom with shower and bath, a bidet (eeeeewww), a separate bedroom with a huge bed, TV, desk with internet hookups and a sitting area, a front entrance room, a board room table and chairs (!???) and a wrap-around view of the mountains.

I was seriously thinking of calling all the core people at King’s Bridge and putting together a church retreat … we could accommodate them all. Of course, I would officially become the world's worst husband ever if I did that on our anniversary weekend away (right now Bill Clinton and three guys in Iran are technically worse husbands than I am).

Skiing was great, the room was great ... and the past ten years with one heck of an incredible woman have been really, really great (and the past three with two slightly unstable, but really wonderful, little women has been great too!)

Now back to regularly scheduled programming (a very, very busy month of March lies ahead for us both personally and professionally).