Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cod in the Dock

There are no cod in Rosen Lake. In fact, I think there are no cod in fresh water lakes anywhere. And for that matter, I think there are only two or three left in the ocean. But there is one more dock on Rosen lake cuz I built one (which seems more momentous to me when it’s announced under the title of a C. S. Lewis pun).

The dock saga began a couple of years ago when a two-piece floating dock drifted into our shoreline. We left it there, expecting it to be claimed. It never was ... until this spring, only a month after we decided that if no-one was going to come get it, we might as well swim it into a good position and hitch it up. It was a great place to sip my morning coffee (but was too small for more than one person).

After the owners came and took back their dock this week, my kid’s walked around saying "A lady took my dock away!” in their best deeply saddened, horribly offended, never-going-to-get-over-it two-year old voices.

So a couple of days of labour in the hot sun later, we have a dock, built from lumber harvested on our own land. It's a permanent, fixed dock (floating ones are for sissies and people who aren't overweight). And now my kids are walking around saying, "No one’s going to take our dock away!” in their best I-think-I’ve-found-a-reason-to-live-again’ two year old voices.

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