Monday, November 20, 2006

Orvil Deals With Some Unsolicited Lovin'.

Inspired by the two frame per second brain-death-inducing power of "Mighty Hercules," Orvil the Orange is back to vie for the title of crappiest-animation-ever.

So hit the little play button below and check out Orvil's other half's other half (and a tip of the hat to my favourite action-hero missionary hipster).

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Nicole said...

Orvil, dear misguided Orvil...Your vid keeps getting cut off when you say, "I have a confession." I think it's a sign. Although, I really would love to see the rest of what you have to say. Orvil, don't fight the S.A. love. You'd like it here. I'll take you to Ceres orchard where you can meet other African citrus fruit! Think about it! Sun, sand, ocean, experiencing new orange culture...get back to me ja? Ja=yah here in SA. And fix that vid so I can give a proper rebuttle!

PS: Here's one that'll blow yer mind...NEWfoundland!!

Nicole said...

Ok! I finally saw the whole darn thing! It's freakin' awesome and a little disgusting, but mostly AWESOME!!! Yah!(singing) "I like big butts...." oops better not go singing that around these holy Christian missionary folk (evil grin)....