Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The 2XCute Tornado

On Sunday we were visiting the church we attend when we are out at Rosen Lake. It's a Baptist Church with a fair bit of gray hair. Just before communion was served, Kaylee sat on my lap and began playing with the buttons of my shirt. The Pastor started to lead the congregation in prayer, so I closed my eyes. When I opened them, my entire shirt was unbuttoned and open! And the Pastor and two of his henchmen where up front looking back at me! (Thanks Kaylee).

Here are a few E & K quotes from the last few days:

"This backpack from China isn't broken!"

"You're a boy baby, so you've got a beard."

After explaining to Emily that she can't have a baby until after she falls in love with a man and gets married, she turned to Kaylee and asked, "Kaylee, will you be my man?" (Kaylee said, "yes.")

Overheard coming from their room shortly after they woke up: " When I put this on my head it still works!" Response: "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!"

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