Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bad Bert

It's a long-held piece of Scott family wisdom that none of us make any big decisions without consulting our resident Public Relations professional, Stacey.

Unfortunately Stacey is out of town, and Bert is new to the family. Since he was quite upset by my previous post regarding his questionable posturing, he decided to take matters into his own hands and underwent an image overhaul. He slapped on a durag, grew a soul-spot and purchased a knife. He's now claiming his arm injury is the result of a gang-war with the Sesame-GTOs.

He's really a good guy at heart. His injury was healing well with the help of Emily and Kaylee coming in to my office to give him kisses every day.

Last night the police picked him up, shaved him and snapped his mug shot. I don't know where things went wrong. This is what happens when Stacey's away too long I guess.

PS: The mug-shot to the left came from bert is evil. After finding the image and posting this, I went back to the site and discovered that it goes way too far into offensive territory (in my opinion), so if you go visit it, you've been warned.


auntie shannon said...

Dear Rob,

this mug shot of Bert reminds me of an ultra disturbing nightmare I had when I was about 4 years old. That was not of Bert, but of Ernie, who was merrily toodling along being ver Ernie like, when all of a sudden he turned and looked right at me, started to grow scary muppet fangs and claws (and horns I think), and started climbing out of the TV set to come get me. If memory serves, I then woke up screaming... or maybe that was from the dream where puff the magic dragon was chasing me down the hall way and into my room. Not sure. In any case, thanks for bringing up a now somewhat humorous... although still disturbing childhood memory!!

Rob Scott said...

Now I feel really bad...

If I'd only known that you would be traumatized by Bert & Ernie I wouldv'e used them to torment you years earlier. Now I gotta make up for lost time.