Friday, April 28, 2006

Rejected Report Pics

Here are some pics that were rejected (for obvious reasons) from the King's Bridge 2005 Annual Report. To read the report (and see the pics that did make the cut), just click on the highlighted title in the last sentence and if that doesn’t work with your browser, right click it and choose "download linked file" or something similar to that. The report is online as a pdf file (which your computer probably can open even if you don't know what a pdf is*). I wasn't able to fulfill my personal goal of one blog essay a month this month, but I did write the Director's Report and an report on evangelism to fruit flies, goats and chronic gum-stickin'-on-the-bottom-of-tables addicts for the Annual Report. So give it a read and see what KB's been up to in the past year!

*If you can't open a pdf file click this sentence to get the free reader software you need.

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