Tuesday, May 16, 2006

(D)Anger Man

Last Sunday a young stoner walked into our Sunday night Cafe event in Kensington with no shirt on. The person working the coffee bar promptly informed him that he needed a shirt in order to come in (I was unaware of this rule, so I guess my plan to jump from "Beer Priest" to "Shirtless Padre" will have to be put on hold).

A few minutes later the same guy came back in wearing ... a garbage bag shirt! He accented his new garb with a belt made from "warning - danger" tape from a worksite (he intentionally tore off the "d" to make what he called his "anger belt." I had a good conversation with him after the message (You can actually hear him on the recording of the message at the end say "Hey, wait, wait, WAIT!!!" to me). Kudos to this guy for his innovative shirt solution and bigger kudos to Randy (our guitarist) who bravely lent the guy his guitar to play some licks on immediately after he told Randy that he liked to vent his anger by destroying guitars!

How could I ever go back to doing “regular church” after experiencing crazy-fun people like “(D)anger Man?” I love it!

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