Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gangsta Girls

I'm not sure which one of their parent's are responsable for the gangsta rap gene, but Emily (left) and Kaylee (right) found these hats and immediately copped a 'tude.
'Sup G? Wigidy Wigidy Booyah.


Avi Abrams said...

Hi Rob!

wonderful daughters... good idea about the beer.

welcome to blog community. cool blog about Down Under.


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Avi and Rachel Abrams

auntie Shannon said...

Hey! That's the scary look Kaylee gave me the other day! ...who's been teaching them that stuff.....Rob???

Nicole said...

Ok, Ok, I admit it. Secretly the girls and I have formed a gang to take over the west side 'yo! So watch yo' backs!! Ayeight?!

Rob Scott said...

So you're saying that two todders, you and two naked dolls are going to take over the West side? Are you going to use we're-tough-but-we-dance-real-pretty West side story fighting tactics?

auntie Shannon WAKE UP said...

Yo Beerpriest, why ya gotta go an be gettin' disbelievin` on my phat homey Nix? Duzn't she watch ova yo` children while you're out skiing and distributin` beer an the like? Jump back off down yo and show some r'spet to my hizzle gizzle Nizzle.

I'm a bad linguist, a very very bad linguist. Bad linguist, bad.

Hey, good job by the way getting off on your adventure with the girls this morning so early! At 8:50 I came up and knocked to see if you guys wanted a third set of arms, but poof - you were gone!!

...and by the way, there's nothing wrong with looking tough and dancing pretty... it's when you start dancing tough and looking pretty that it't time to start mocking...

Rob Scott said...

I think it's actually when you start looking at pretty tough dancers that the real problems begin. Of course I don't really know what I'm talking about because I've failed to "Jump back off down yo."