Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mind Meld

Stacey & I were travelling back to Calgary yesterday, listening to music. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan came on and she said, "Bob Dylan is U2 for old people." I thought that was a great line and told her I was going to use it. She then told me that I had coined the line and blurted it out to her a week earlier.

It's strange in a comfortable sort of way how after ten years of marriage, I can no longer tell which thougths in my head are my own and which are Stacey's (But I'm pretty sure the thoughts that have kept me out of prison are Stacey's).


s. m. d. said...

Really? I would have thought that Stacey was one the voted "Most Likely to End Up in Prison".

stacey said...

Ha! Thanks a lot s. m. d.! Just 'cause I almost got you locked up does not mean I go around getting people into trouble! That much...

And why is there an ear growing out of my eyeball? I'm freaked out!