Thursday, August 23, 2007


I took Emily and Kaylee out for lunch yesterday. In order to reaffirm my status as an uncool dad, I told Emily she had to eat one more carrot before finishing. Heavy negotiations lauched at this point. Emily's earnest contention was that her carrot had pepper on it (she does'nt like pepper). She was right ... it had precisely one grain of pepper on it. I told her I would wipe it off; she balked; I re-iterated; she protested; and then Kaylee reached over, licked off the carrot and handed it to Emily.

Emily happily ate the now pepper free carrot.

PS: The guinea pigs have nothing to do with this story. Although I'm sure they too would eat a licked carrot over a peppered one. And no, we don't now own these gentle, marijuana-eating rodents. These were loaners from Stacey's cousin's family.

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stacey said...

After the girl's trip to the Science Centre they wanted a baby dinosaur. I suggested a lizard. We looked at iguanas on the internet. They said they wanted a baby iguana. I wasn't sure I wanted a baby iguana - even though it's a step up from a baby dinosaur. So we looked at "binny pig" pictures from the lake and YouTube "binny pig" movies. They said they wanted a baby "binny pig". I think I'll show them gold fish pictures tomorrow.