Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Would Jesus Do With a Fish & Blond Hair?

Stacey's employer, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, does these things called "Decision Minutes." They're Christiany & run on Christian radio stations, but I think the intention is to reach people outside of the Church culture. So, unless you're a knob, you can see there's a problem.

Stacey & some of her co-workers are not knobs (I know, I know, I really know how to sweet-talk about my wife). So they are trying to re-engineer Decision Minutes & put them on regular radio stations. Stacey asked me to take a stab at writing some new ones. They're embarassingly rough & first drafty. In the unlikely event that any of the ideas get picked up though, they'll be made into something slick, professional and whole lot better than what you're about to hear (by people who are slicker, more professional and whole lot better than yours truly).

So, here they are for your listening pleasure (or annoyance as the case may be):
What Would Jesus Do?.
Jesus Fish.
Blond Jesus.

Fight the power baby!


Anonymous said...

Um...I'm going to be fired.


Rob Scott said...

You're joking right? ... they wouldn't fire you for asking your stupid husband to make a pro bono contribution of time and effort worth exactly what they paid for it?

Nicole said...

These are freakin' awesome!

Tanglepoet said...

The third one is my favorite. I always did wonder why they had that stuff on "Shine"...