Friday, June 01, 2007

Personal Yoda

I went to visit Morgan Syvertsen yesterday. He's always been a bit of a mentor to me, my own personal Yoda. The fact that I met him in Drumheller, surrounded by an almost alien landscape, and statues of strange, huge creatures on every corner didn't hurt the Yoda analogy. Of course he's neither crotchity nor old, so the analogy breaks down pretty quickly even in Drumheller.

It was a good visit. I feel a little closer to being re-centred.


Anonymous said...

how did you ever meet a mentor in drumheller?

Rob Scott said...

I met him when he still lived in Calgary ... and ran a church that allowed us to use it's space when we started King's Bridge 8 years ago, before we moved into a series of cafes. He doesn't actually live in Drumheller, he lives in Carbon, but had to drop a family member off to their job at the museum ... so that made for an easy to find meeting place.

Who are you anonymous?