Monday, March 27, 2006

Toilet Smashers Revealed!

And the winners of the grand-prize toilet smashing adventure, Darth Maul view-master, big Canada sticker and a beer are ...

Kirk and Michelle Tasa.

The Tasas won on the strength of Michelle's horrifying labeling of her child as a parasite. I'm including Kirk as a prizewinner because I think I'll go to hell (or at least heck) if I hand a pregnant lady a beer.

I'm expecting a deeply moving acceptance speech to be left as a comment to this post in the very near future. I'll then schedule a smashing time with the Tasas, and post the details here so you can all join in.

Everyone who entered brought tears to my eyes with their lovely sentiments. Thanks for playing.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What can I say, Thank you, thank you to all the little people. I'd like to thank my husband for helping me to develop the little parasite and to the parasite itself, we promise to name you something other than parasite before your first birthday. I'd like to thank all the people who held my hand as I endured those days of pukefests with my toilet...none of you. and I'd like to thank all those who offered love and sympathy for the said know who you are. And as we all know that I am the true winner of the contest and Kirk is there just to consume my beer, I'd like to say that no one deserves this more. Thank you.