Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back Alley Brilliance

I was in the alley behind The House Cafe, and a young punker I know named Mikey was hanging out there with an older, domestically challenged guy "named" Stix. Mikey expressed his disappointment in me for "dressing like a nerd again." He suggested I wear an old AC/DC shirt of his.I pointed out to Mikey that: A. I am a nerd, B. I'm old &, C. I used to dress just like Mikey. Stix came to my defense and pointed out that he too was old, but he was NOT a nerd AND the shirt he was wearing was the same sort of shirt as mine. I attempted to aline myself with Stix by opening up my shirt like his (exposing exteme whiteness). The picture here is the result of this great meeting of minds.

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Nicole said...

Awesome. Just plain awesome.