Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alex Keating Begone!

I'm afraid.

Emily just went up to Kaylee and said, "Let's play Stephen Harper!" Kaylee was happy to oblige. Apparently Stephen Harper really likes to take long jumps off the couch onto cushions on the floor.

I think I'd be a little less scared if one of them played "Stephan Dion" while the other played Harper. At least I can find solace in the fact that no one is playing "Jack Layton." I think that sort of behavior might warrant a time out.

I blame Stacey.


stacey said...

Ask them to explain "democracy". They're pretty good at that too, and I think the jumping off the couch has something to do with voting. I'm not sure.

stacey said...

You should ask them about how democracy works. They'll explain that to you too. I think they vote for Santa Claus though. I'm not sure they've clearly reviewed his platform. I don't think Santa's philosophy of government is sustainable. 'Cause where does the material to make the toys keep coming from year after year?

Think about it!