Friday, May 04, 2007

Wacky Theology & Other Preschool Pursuits

Here's a brand new batch of Emily & Kaylee quotes from recent weeks. Their studies have obviously branched off into alternative theology:

K: "I'm Jesus, coming up the stairs. I'm alive ... Hallelujah!"

E: "Ok, The question is: Why did God make people?"

E&K: "These are for your wife named duder."

K: "I'm a baby so I don't have any eyes yet."

Emily stands on the scale and asks "How old am I now?"
Kaylee states, "If I could climb a door, I would need 5 legs;" Then Emily responds, "If I could climb a wall I would need six legs."

K: "Daddy, you should grow some hair some day."

Overheard coming from their bedroom (unsure who said what):
"When God wants to get peels off His food, the unicorn helps Him."
"The minister tells people about Jesus and His little nest."

K: "I put these slippers on to remind me of Jesus when I'm dancing & singing & wiggling."

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