Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Blogiversary!

My one year blogging anniversary passed (back in late January) without mention. As you can tell by the dearth of entries, the first three months of the year have been rather busy for Stacey, the girls and I.

Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Victoria (I’m visiting my brother here). It’s raining but it’s warm. It’s early but I feel well rested. And I have time to take it easy, write a blog entry and …

Yesterday I did a “vanity” search (cuz you know “gluttony” alone isn’t going to maintain top-tier degenerate status for me). Buoyed by the high search ranking King’s Bridge is enjoying on Google, I typed in “Rob Scott Calgary.” And lo and behold (we would all do well to spend more time loing and beholding) this blog popped up as the number one site (out of just shy of a million sites).

So due to the confluence of these positive circumstances I’m declaring this the stand-in entry for the one year anniversary of “Come to Church & I’ll Buy You a Beer.” Happy anniversary! Thanks for reading, commenting, smashing, contesting and generally being a stand-up, courageous, sweet-smelling, intelligent, unpredictable, yet rarely dangerous, literate but not overly literal pack of buds. I love you guys. Both of you.

Buckle up and check the pocket in front of your seat for a barf bag. Here comes year number two.

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