Monday, December 04, 2006

The Continuing Adventures of Emily & Kaylee

Kaylee and Emily wanted to know how "things that can't move can move in videos." So we did a tiny animation together. They did all the object movement, checking of each picture, and the voice over. Here it is:

Here are some recent quotes from the wonder twins:

"I've got Jesus bears because I'm Jesus. That's what He's got in heaven. Sometimes He sleeps a little bit."

"My robot's name is Johnny Boobonovitz."

"Yesterday Kaylee married me, so now I've got a ring!"

"God is confusing me."

"Somebody pooped in here, which was a bad idea. Oh, it's just a raisin!"

Here's Emily and Kaylee doing "The Wheels on the Bus."


Nicole said...

I quite liked E&K's animated video...Orvil's cameo appearance was stellar! Future movie-producers in the making. When do they get their own blogspot???

auntie shannon said...

What? where the heck's Orville?

I like how they go from utterly engaged to ... I'm done now I think I'll sit down. Nice transition. - okay, so the song is over, still. Way to be your own person my hizzle gizzle twizzles!!!

Rob Scott said...


1. Stop reading my blog when you're drunk. Orvil is in the animation that E & K made (The first vid in the post).

2. Stop getting drunker while your reading my blog. I can hear your slurred voice coming upstairs from the basement suite, slowly reading the entries out loud. REALLY loud.

3. Stop inviting other drunks to read my blog. I can now hear a chorus of slurred voices reading the entries out loud.

4. If you must read my blog while you're drunk, do what everybody else does ... do it at work.