Thursday, September 07, 2006

RIP Summer 06

It was a good summer.

I haven't had an out-of-control, painful to the diaphragm laugh-attack in 16 years. I had two this summer when my brother visited us at Rosen lake!

I made a slide.

I made a dock.

I had several teary early morning worship times.

KidX2 got stronger, faster, smarter, cuter.

WifeX1 got weaker, slower, smarter, cuter.

I got weaker, slower, dumber, and grew my cuticles.

I had a working sabbatical and managed to both work and sabotage (sabaticize? baticalize? batterize? portage?)

I had some good visits and chats with my folks, some friends and angry smurf-like people that no one else seems to be able to see.

Every single person I know between the ages of 15 and 85 was either pregnant or welcoming a new kid into the world.

I discovered that King's Bridge is not the only group of people trying to follow Jesus without imbibing western evangelical culture.

I blogged infrequently, frogged occasionally, grogged regularly (discovered the luxury of Irish cream and milk at the end of the day).

I was reminded of the struggles and pains of life; The graces and joys of Christ; And the reasons I have to be deeply grateful.

And I took pictures along the way.


Anonymous said...

Will you have to change the name of your blog to "Come to church and I'll buy you an irish cream and milk"?


Anonymous said...

Returned to Victoria after hangin' with you guys and found my abdominal muscular had hypertrophied during several episodes of intractable laughter - Who needs pilates to strengthen the core - just hang with your Bro for a week. Thanks a for great time!


roomie said...

those are some great pictures.
It sounds like you had an excellent/trying/growing/??? summer. I look forward to hearing more about it as church winds back up this fall.

Rob Scott said...

Stacey: No - I still like beer and it likes me (but we don't hang out with each other much in the winter. I think maybe Irish Cream & milk will be winter friend).

Mark: I happened to discover a very cool thing about Macs on the same day you dropped your comment: You can just hit a couple of keys on the keyboard in most programs and a dictionary defition bubble will pop up beside whatever word your curser is on. It came in handy for "hypertrophied" and "intractable." \I'm glad you're not speaking ebonics now that your a doc, cuz doc-talk and ebonics would be a nasty-mix.

Byron: Somehow your little comment above combined with going back and looking at these pics woke up a whole lot of gratitude in me. It was an excellent summer. And in fact it was a REALLY excellent summer when I compare it to the insanely busy-to-the-point-of-exhaustion summers I had for the 3 previous years. Thanks for stirring up the gratitude. Is that the same as being "gratuitious?"

davej said...

hey, bro...just followin links around from mark...rock on and keep followin the One...the Fabric of our Reality! peace and love from the land of japan...dave

i also just want to add that the word verification for this comment is xyefibhr ...have you had enough xyefibhr today? did you know that 10 cups of milk and a cereal box is an excellent source of xyefibhr and an important part of this complete breakfast?